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Who we are

And what we do...

Our branch is only as strong as our members.


We are proud that our branch is driven by our volunteers and members who work together to create a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment. We continually work hard to ensure that each member of our community receives adequate representation and support throughout their career. We believe that everyone should have access to fair working conditions and opportunities, regardless of their background or experience.

At the Bectu Hair Make-Up & Prosthetics Branch, we are dedicated to ensuring the voice of our members is heard loud and clear. Our dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to make sure we represent our members correctly and keep our branch up to date with the latest news and developments in the hair, make-up and prosthetics industry. We are passionate about fighting for fairness and parity for all our members, and we pride ourselves on being a strong and supportive community where every voice matters.

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