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Makeup artist

Trainee Passport



BECTU recognise that the UK is renowned for having highly talented and skilled crews working within the film and television industry. Structure, training and mentoring processes ensure these standards are maintained.


Members of the BECTU Hair & Makeup branch have come together to support newcomers to the industry by designing a non-compulsory framework to enable trainees to track their progress and achievements. 

We have worked hard to compile a list of skills that reflect what trainees should be working towards in their initial years working in film and tv drama.

The passport will enable trainees to understand what standards they need to work towards to show their progress.  It will identify where there maybe gaps in knowledge or skill sets to help them move through their career.

Working with Heads of Department and Supervisors, the Passport should reflect the progress trainees are making, monitored via reviews whilst on a production.

There is no limit to how many passports can be completed, the aim is to embed skills in practice.  We want to ensure that individuals become well rounded, competent hair and makeup artists ready to move up in their career.

Please read through the passport before starting to use and if you have any queries contact

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