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Film Lighting Techniques

"The Major Motion Picture Agreement"

- a set of guidelines that apply to all feature films with a budget over £30 million.


It is a fixed working agreement that all productions should refer and adhere to. It was voted in by Bectu members in November 2017 after 5 years of negotiations. It was negotiated by officials from Bectu and PACT as well as your collegues in the Hair, Make-up & Prosthetics Branch and representatives from other branches within Bectu and PACT.

This is an extensive document so please take some time to read and understand it.

Please find below some important main points to help. 

The Working Day – Shooting Crew

For shooting crew, the working day may comprise any of the following at the producer’s discretion (and each of the below three variations of the working day shall be paid as 11 worked hours):

Standard Working Day (SWD) – where the shooting day comprises 11 hours worked with 1 hour for lunch.
Continuous Working Day (CWD) – where the shooting day runs for 10 working hours without a break for lunch.
Semi-Continuous Working Day (SCWD) – where the shooting day runs for 10.5 working hours with a 30 minute break for lunch. It is acknowledged that a SCWD will only run where needed by reason of the location, the director’s requirements, or exceptional circumstances.


Camera Overtime: This will be charged at 2T payable at 15 minute increments. The Grace Period has gone so any overtime on camera will be charged immediately.
Non-Camera Overtime: This will be charged at 1.5T payable in 30 minute increments.

Prep & Wrap

This has been agreed to no more than 30 minutes at the beginning and 30 minutes at the end of each day. This must not be ’rounded up’ to 1 hour prep time.

Pre-dawn Call

This will be paid at 2T up to 5am. Anytime worked after 5am will be charged at the normal overtime rate.

Night Work

Night work is defined as those shooting hours which continue after midnight or any unit call between midnight and 3am.

Night Work Premium: This is charged at £20 for every night worked Turnaround Day: All crew – including dailies – will be paid a turnaround day charged at their standard contractual day rate.

Broken Turnaround

The producer should, wherever possible, allow the crew member to take an equivalent period
of compensatory rest, and shall in any event afford the crew member such protection as may
be appropriate in order to safeguard the crew member’s health and safety. If this is not possible then broken turnaroud will be charged at 1.5T at 30 minute increments.

The full agreement can be viewed above. Please read and familiarise yourself with this document.

It is downloadable and printable.

If you have any questions please email us on

Past Agreements are available to view in our Archive 

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