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Welcome to the Prosthetics & Creature FX sub group page of the Hair, Make-up & Prosthetics branch of BECTU.

We are a group of working Prosthetics and Creature FX artists here in the UK. Our members are made up of workshop and on-set crew, freelancers and shop owners.

We have come together to represent those who may not feel their role is completely covered by the umbrella of ‘Hair & Make-up’ because we know there is much more to our industry. Our group is constantly growing and we are hoping to fill our team with members from all areas within our part of the industry, from mould-makers to applicators, fabricators to animatronics.

Our mission is to come together and address the issues that affect us all. This includes:

Pay rates and employment opportunities Health and safety
Equality, diversity and inclusiveness Combatng discrimination and misconduct Product sustainability and a greener future

One of our first goals has been to create a rate card for our area of the industry. It is important to us that we break the stigma of discussing rates and provide current information for members to help them negotiate the right rates for them, To do this we are cuurently working on a survey to collect information from real workers within our industry. Due to the large scope of what we do is split between on-set and workshop, this means we have to split into two surveys.

You can find the On-Set Rate Survey here

If you would like to join the Prosthetics & Creature FX sub group please email

Please follow the Prosthetics & Creature FX group social media pages:

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